Grace Systems Unique Data Mining Algorithms are able to analyze the DNA of different corporate systems and recognize patterns in data transactions.  Grace Systems real time adaptive software is able to perform data-discovery, data-mining and predictive analytics. This creates new opportunities, solves previously unsolvable problems and provides any company with a unique competitive advantage. Only accessible by data, algorithms and analytics. Grace Systems visualizes analytics in business users dashboards. Grace Systems combines data, algorithms and analytics with disruptive data mining and data science software and services. We operate Data driven, Algorithm driven and User driven.

Grace Systems is a powerful Data Science and Analytics tool to analyze and simulate future value in Big Data.  We help analyzing the business usability of Data Science and Analytics and provide insights in business cases. With Grace System it is possible to analyze and simulate the viability of various scenario’s on creating analytics out of business data.

We create strong stakeholder oriënted proof of values where we demonstrate the value in business data. There is no need for software installation and programming.